We support and encourage production, research and experiment

We provide space, knowledge, facilities and time for creators, free from the pressure to come to production directly, to research the possibilities that materials can offer.
You work independently, although it is not required to be familiar with all techniques. Our advisors can support you and are only too pleased to join you in experimenting to find the best possible solution to help you realise your ideas. 

We always make an appointment with you before you can start to work at Beeldenstorm/Daglicht. We discuss your plan and consider if it fits within the possibilities we are able to provide. If it fits we draw up a work plan. In case it does not fit, we we look for a solution outside of Beeldenstorm/Daglicht. We always try to help you further. 

Look here for information about Graphic Studio Daglicht.
We try to update out website with information about Daglicht as soon as possible.